Monday, June 11, 2012

Fair Trade Wine

I found a Fair Trade wine, Wandering Grape Marbec-Merlot, in the
clearance bin at Target. The grapes for Waundering Grape wine are
from ten farms in the communities of Lavalle, San Martin and
Medrano areas in Mendoza, Argentina.  "Before Fair Trade, the
situation and conditions of the work place was horrendous and we
were treated very badly." say Nelson and Lorenzo, vineyard workers
for a small vineyard in Medrano. Through Fair Trade, Medrano
community members such as Nelson and Lorenzo benefit from the
sales of the Wandering Grape helping them to fund daycare from
preschool children, healthcare facilities and adult literacy programs.
Recently,the community members have voted on establishing a
sports facility providing soccer and rugby.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fair Trade Sunday

This past Sunday; June 3, Fair Trade Ambassadors for Catholic
Relief Service hosted a Fair Trade Sunday at St Francis of
Assisi parish in San Jose. There were Fair Trade coffees, teas,
drinking chocolate mixes, and chocolate bars from countries
around the provided by Equal Exchange, a 100% Fair Trade
company. Parishioners enjoyed both a CUP OF JUSTICE AND
A CUP OF CHARITY in the Fair Trade coffee they drank as
well as in the products they purchased. For more information