Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fair Trade at its heart is about building respectful and enduring
relationships with the farmers, cooperatives, roasters, stores
and consumers. Fair pricing for today's laborers, artisans and
farmers is particularly important for products such as coffee and
tea. Prices fluctuate greatly in today's market. Fair Trade
commits to pay producers a fair price for their product.

We at Silicon Valley Fair Trade:
  • Educate people about Fair Trade
  • Promote the purchase of Fair Trade products
  • Encourage vendors to carry Fair Trade products
  • Promote new Fair Trade products as they become available
  • Make cities in Silicon Valley Fair Trade Towns
What can we do here in Silicon Valley?

As consumers we can make a statement in the economic life
of our world. We can enhance or diminish the economic
opportunities and community life and social justice.

When we go the stores and restaurants, support Fair Trade

Fair trade is an opportunity to respond to this call in a small
but significant way everyday through the choices we make as